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Passion Fueled Stairs Contractor

We are specializing in bespoke staircases based on the metal construction. Every project of ours is unique and its design is developed together with the Client on the technical drawings and 3D visualization stage.

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How we work

Proven Process for the best result.



We are providing full set of technical drawings with 3D visualization.



Our staircases are fabricated by our craftsmen in our West London workshop.



Divided into stages accordingly to specification, but also adjusted to your project needs.



Carefully planned to secure uninterruptible construction process.

We work differently.

With design & conceptual decisions, we create value for the interior.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of stairs. Any building, commercial or a private home, that has more than one floor requires this construct in order to make all of its areas accessible. But why stop at pure functionality?

Don’t know where to start? It’s simple! Contact us, or schedule a meeting and we will help you to select the right construction and suggest possible options adequate to the interior. We are always making sure that your ideas are heard, but also that your stairs are fully complying with the Building Regulations.

We are crafting staircases that serve their function better than any other. You can be sure that they’ll be sturdy, reliable, and last you for a long time. During the survey, we are not only taking measurements but also checking installation area fixing points. We can also provide you with the structural calculations of stairs construction.

Our stairs are much more than just functional – they are true works of art. Thanks to our designers, you can count on stairs that will always be stunning to look at. And the best part? You decide about the details. We’ll help you complete the vision you have for your interior.


Milestones that we proudly accomplished & lead us forward.




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