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Passion Fueled Stairs Contractor

We specialize in bespoke, high-quality staircases with metal constructions. Each staircase design is unique and developed together with the client. If you’re looking for bespoke stairs in London, you’ve come to the right place.

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How we work

A Proven Process for the Best Result.



We provide a full set of technical drawings with 3D visualization.



Our craftsmen in our West London workshop manufacture the bespoke staircase with input from the client.



The assembly process is divided into stages accordingly to specifications and adjusted to your project's needs.



Carefully planned to secure an uninterruptible construction process.

We work differently.

With Design & Conceptual Decisions, We Create Value

A new staircase needs to excel in both functionality and aesthetics, and with bespoke staircases we design, we make sure to bring value to your home/office and give you something that’ll make your interior pop out.

Donโ€™t know where to start? Itโ€™s simple! Contact us or schedule a meeting and our staircase designers will help you figure out all aspects of the staircase from its size down to the handrails and other minute details. We always make sure your ideas are heard and the designs comply with Building Regulations.

Our staircases offer functionality and practicality that can’t be matched. Each bespoke staircase design is purposefully crafted with Reliability, durability, and sturdiness in mind. During the building survey, we not only take measurements, but we also consider how the staircases can be reliably fixed while providing maximum safety and structural support.

A staircase isn’t meant to just be functional, it should be a work of art. At our company, thanks to our dedicated engineers and designers, you can count on staircases that are stunning to look at. And the best part? They’re fit for purpose. You decide the details and we help you complete your vision.


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