Glass and Wooden Staircase

glass staircase - Exclusive Staircases realization in Virginia Water
Perfect combination

At Exclusive Staircases, we design beautiful, unique, and bespoke wooden and glass staircases for our clients. Whether you’re looking for a stylish glass balustrade design or durable wooden trails, or a combination of both wooden and glass elements, our London workshop can get the job done!

Why Trust Us?

If you’re looking for glass or wooden staircase construction, there’s no better place in London. Whether it is embedded glass panels, wooden handrails, or glass balustrades, we make sure our staircases meet the highest safety and aesthetic standards.

  • You are in control: We make sure our clients are always in control. Do you want a specific design? Specific materials? Specific features? We manufacture the staircases to your exact specifications.
  • Only the best: At Exclusive Staircases, we only use the best materials, the best designs, and the best manufacturing techniques. If you want a stylish, reliable, durable, and chic glass staircase, you’ve found the best place in London.
  • Convenience and compliance: Looks aren’t everything. Staircases need to be practical and compliant with Building Regulations. They also need to be affordable and easily installable. These are all qualities you can expect from a new glass staircase from Exclusive Staircases. Our designers make sure the stair is perfectly usable and entirely compliant with the building regulations while adhering to your requirement and vision.

Glass or Wood or a Mixture of Both: Which to Choose?

Which to choose, glass or wood? The choice is certainly difficult, and many home and business owners have a hard time picking between the two. With Exclusive Staircases, however, your choice is very easy. You don’t have to pick one or the other. We can design beautiful staircases of a wooden and glass mix that give you the benefits of both materials.

Benefits of Glass Staircases

  • Safety: Contrary to popular belief, tampered glass staircases are incredibly safe. Whether glass is used to make the treads or the balustrade, you can be sure it’ll be reliable and durable.
  • Versatility: Glass stairs are ideal for any interior design, be it family homes or commercial offices. They can be used to give a modern, sophisticated look to almost any interior, and due to their reflective, semi-transparent nature, they’ll complement the rest of the building regardless of its colour scheme.
  • Style: Nothing creates a genuinely modern atmosphere like a glass staircase. A glass staircase features clean, simple lines that go well with all types of dΓ©cor. Glass can be used alone or in conjunction with metal or wood. Oak and glass staircases are incredibly popular due to this very reason.

Benefits of Wooden Staircases

  • Beautiful appearance: Something about wood, specifically, gives off a unique appearance. If you want a truly one-of-a-kind staircase, timber is the perfect material. With lovely tones ranging from light yellow to dark brown, its natural patterns, and the details of the wood. For a wider variety of design reasons, wooden staircases can also be easily mixed with other materials. For example, it is really common to use glass trails with wooden handrails to give a staircase a truly unique design.
  • Convenient: wooden stair treads are an excellent choice if you want to add a staircase to your home. Although hardwood is normally heavy, there are certain kinds of wood that are both light and strong. This means a staircase made from these materials won’t put an undue amount of stress on your floor or call for the installation of additional support structures, which makes wooden staircases an excellent choice when renovating homes.

Which to Choose?

Both wooden and glass materials have their own advantages, and it might be difficult to choose between them, but the good thing about working with our company is the fact you don’t have to. Our architects can come up with a beautiful wooden and glass staircase design for your home.

Our sleek, streamlined design styles blend seamlessly with almost any interior. For the handrails and other fittings, You can combine transparent toughened glass with your preferred wood, or you can use one or the other if you have a very specific look you want to go for. With Exclusive Staircases, everything is possible!

Wooden and Glass Staircase FAQ

Glass stairs are increasingly popular for both domestic and commercial uses. This is due to a variety of benefits: They’re incredibly versatile, they’re affordable, and they’re safe. Above all, they can be mixed with other materials to create truly exceptional stairs. If you’re looking to design a glass staircase, glass balustrade, or glass treads for your home, you should contact us.

Depending on the size, materials, and intricacies of the design, glass staircase costs vary a lot. Do you want a simple by-the-books glass staircase, you probably will only have to spend a couple of thousands of pounds. If you want an intricate glass balustrade, bespoke handrails made of high-quality wood, etc., it can cost more than ten grand. If you want to learn the precise cost of your staircase, you should contact us. We’ll give you a quote.

Although there’s a common misconception glass staircases are unsafe, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern glass panes used in staircases are incredibly durable, can carry a lot of weight, and won’t break if accidentally hit. If you want to use glass stairs in your home, you should rest easy knowing they’re perfectly safe.